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Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching supports women who are making the transition from pregnancy through maternity leave to return to the workplace. Many female professionals are highly ambitious, and whilst pregnancy is an exciting time, navigating the balance between motherhood and career performance is a unique challenge.

Returning to work after having a baby can leave a new mother feeling compromised at all levels and, for the first time, the successful career woman might be facing the challenge of not being able to give 100% to her task.

The offer of maternity coaching helps organisations to retain talented female staff, communicates their validation of working mothers and recognises the challenges facing them. This supportive philosophy goes hand in hand with an organisational culture that highly values all its staff.

A maternity coaching programme:

  • Helps to reconcile the demands of a high performance career with a young family
  • Gives confidence to women to maintain positive functional contact with colleagues and clients during maternity leave
  • Greatly increases the focus and drive of women who return to work after having their baby
  • Reduces preoccupation with family whilst at work
  • Adds realism to expectations, minimising potential for ‘culture shock’ on returning to the working environment