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Team Coaching

The success of business leaders is delivered through their teams. The idea of a single charismatic leader in charge of a business is increasingly outdated. For virtual, international or project-specific teams, teamship has become the key requirement.

Building a healthy team is one of the essential tasks of leadership. All organisations need their senior teams to inspire vision, focus on strategy and remain accountable. For teams to succeed, they must be owned by the people within them. Team Coaching helps such teams understand their shared patterns, strengths and their growth edges.

A high-performing team is one that is greater than the sum of its parts. Through coaching, members identify their individual strengths and the strengths of others, enabling the team as a whole to flourish.

The impact of a team not working at its best, can extend a long way into an organisation. The effects include decision paralysis, stagnant communications and demotivation, all of which impact the bottom line. In such cases, coaching offers teams the necessary skills to enhance working relationships leading to confident decision-making.

Teams with the following features benefit from coaching:

  • Teams whose functioning is riven by disagreement, conflict, or outmoded traditions
  • Teams unable to overcome the ‘silo effect’
  • Mature teams that have become less productive or lack drive
  • Teams needing to work around ineffectual or absent leaders
  • Teams needing to bond with new members to accelerate performance
  • Boards and management teams looking to reset direction or deal with specific challenges.