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Transition Coaching

Working towards a promotion or embarking on a new career puts us in an adaptive mindset. A transition coach helps to define and shape your new skills in leadership and management and offers objective input on new career choices.

When transitioning between roles, coaching positions you optimally to explore the widest future options. I will help you to draft a compelling CV, impress interviewers and develop your networking skills. My specific experience in outplacement coaching, as well as coaching those who are on course for promotion, is underpinned by my own career development and experience in different sectors.

IIf you are experiencing a life-changing event that has a direct impact on work, such as a new baby, bereavement, or other life transition, coaching can support you to manage your feelings in the workplace, stay focused and engaged so you can continue to perform at your best. Employing the services of a transition coach to relieve personal stress will minimise costly or disruptive work absence.